Thursday, October 20, 2011

Future Friday ~ Tie Time

I have always thought that knitted ties are just cool looking. Especially skinny ones. Every time I walk into Express I like to look at them (even though I'm a girl and totally don't wear ties). I've never known someone to hand knit one though.

This is something I have been wanting to make for my Etsy store stock for some time and have moved it back several times for custom orders. Now I am busting through projects and it is coming time to make one. I just think these are so great and making one, gives me the option to really customize them. I have a couple color-ways of yarn that I plan on using them in my stash currently: combinations of blues and greens. I also have a super plan of doing an all black tie with one 1" - .05" vibrant royal blue diagonal stripe a few inches from the bottom. Very mod looking.

The plan is so far to dedicate a whole shop section in my Etsy store for ties like this. So once I get one done I will have 2 sections (and more stock)! It is really starting to come together and fill up! I have a loose goal of having 20 stock items in the store before Christmas. Between the wedding planning, work, and custom orders it certainly will be a challenge but I'm up for trying to tackle it!

I have started the bearded beanie for the give away and after that I have one more to make to add to my Etsy stock, and THEN I will make my first tie! BTW these can make excellent Christmas gifts for the special guy on your list this year and can be made in just about any color(s) your heart desires. See the "contact me" tab at the top of the page for custom quotes!


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