Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Treasury Tuesday ~ So Fresh & So Clean (soap)

The new year is right around the corner and everyone is thinking of what their resolution for the coming year will be. I thought I'd put together a list of things that can help you literally start this brand new year fresh & clean. Here's an array of hand made, awesome soaps.
Be sure to click the link and check these out individually. They are very reasonably priced.

I know that I sell on Etsy myself so I'm partial, but this is SERIOUSLY something you could never buy in any store. I think these are so fun and/or beautiful. Given as a gift, a special treat in your home, or as party favors any of these are sure to turn heads, create a ton of ooh's and aah's! Nothing is better than something completely unique and hand made!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up ~ Merry Christmas

First of all, Merry Christmas & happy New Year to everyone!

I'm sure one of the first thing's you've noticed is that the look is new. I've worked with a designer to make my website and blog professional and uniform. It's been a challenge to make the company as a whole have a collective look and I think it's turned out well. In addition to the blog and Etsy header, I have matching reserved listing & thank you placards for the store. I hope you like it!

This week I am excited to introduce the flower clip line to Innov8ive Knits. Currently I am only selling them as individuals in the store but discounted sets are coming in the near future. These are hand crocheted flowers with sewn on rhinestone centers. On the back is a ribbon covered clip to attach to hair or headbands. They are not up in my store yet because I am waiting to get some pictures with a model in them first, but will hit the store very soon! Message me if you want one in advance.

This is something that I've really wanted to do and it was on my monthly goal list. With only a few days left of this month, I was really cutting it close but am very happy to be able to present it to everyone. I currently have a limited amount of colors available because I'm trying to find out what YOU (the customer) likes best. Please feel free to leave comments on what colors you like, don't like, or would like to see!

ALSO I am running a sale on the 2 newborn hats I have in my store. These are hand knit with cables, usually $30.00 now on sale for $20.00. That's a whole $10.oo OFF!!!


If you have a shower coming up, this would be a great gift! Don't pass up this sale and grab it before someone else does. This will run for a limited time only.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Treasury Tuesday ~ Success!

This week I decided to make the treasury focused around fun little things that can help make a business successful. There are some things in here that would even be useful for someone not running a business.

Check it out here!

I think the printable boxes are genious! The idea of just being able to print out gift boxes at any time is so smart and easy. Another great couple of things that are good for everyone are the photography back drops. As long as you have good lighting, this will help make excelent photos.Be sure to check out all these great listings. Many of them are very well priced and can show as very helpful for your small business or anyone!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up ~ Stocking up on Stock

In trying to keep up with my goals for the month I have recently added 3 more items to my stock. One of which has sold before I was able to take good photography of it. I'm very excited to be making strides towards my goal. I did a photo shoot for the 3 items yesterday. Here's the results.

All but one of these items are currently available for sale in my Etsy store. Check them out here:
Tan Ear Warmer: Click Here
Green Ear Warmer: Click Here

I'm very excited to be tackling my monthly goals and I'm so excited to be adding all of these great items to my store.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up - Pinwheel Photography (ear warmer)

This week I finished a product intended to be the next best thing to hit my Etsy store. It's been a lot of fun putting it together. Now that the time has changed, it has become impossible to take pictures during the week after I get off work (boo!) so now I have to take them all on the weekends. I've been waiting all week to take photos of the new product.

My fiance and I took a trip over to the park to take some pictures in the great Christmas weather. Here's the results:

I am so super pleased with how this turned out (the photographs and the work.) Not only is it cute, but incredibly functional! My head stayd warm throughout the entire shoot... the same can't be said for my fingers.

I will be putting this up for sale in my store this week. Soon to follow are more in different colors. Keep in touch via Facebook to find out excatly when it hits my store and where to find it :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Future Friday ~ Flower Pin

One of my closest friends has a sweet little baby girl. We spent this past Thanksgiving with her and her family. While we were thanking and feasting, I noticed on her little headband was this great little flower clipped on it. BOOM! Innov8ive Knit's new line is born (in thought at least)

People do this all the time, clip bows and flowers to those little scrunchy headbands for baby girls. It's quite genius, and so simple I can't believe I didn't think about this earlier.

Remember this hat?
This is that precious ball of inspirational sunshine I was talking about by the way. Innov8ive Knit's next new flower clip is going to look a whole lot like this flower. Except smaller and attached to a great ribbon covered clip and all kinds of fun centers!

I currently have in the mail on it's way to me several new colors with this project's name all over it. Keep on the lookout for these to hit my Etsy store soon. Pre-orders are available (contact me) for details. I am thinking of selling individuals and doing deals on sets of 3's and sets of 5's. 

This isn't the only flower style making it's way to the new baby clip line, it will make it's Future Friday debut soon.

I am dying to hear your opinions on this, and what colors you want to see these in first! Comment away.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Goals for December

Source: http://smallbiztrends.com/2011/01/better-business-goals-2011.html

I think it's a great thing to set short term goals for yourself, especially a business. Sometimes it can get discouraging when you have a long term goal and it doesn't happen overnight. Well duh- by definition it's a LONG term goal. None the less, it can still get you down when it doesn't happen sooner than later. This month I have decided to make a goal for EVERY month. I think this is a great way to set myself up for success, and in sharing this with you I can have a cheerleading team as well :). You are the people that make it happen!

Here's some key things that I want to get done this month:
  • Add at least 5 items to my Etsy store stock
  • Sell at least 5 items in from my Etsy store
  • Introduce the flower clip line to the store
  • Blog more consistantly (this way everyone will know when to expect new things)
  • Create & blog at least 1 treasury a week
  • Make a goal for every month
It's a small list of things, but in the beginning stages of my new business I think that these are plenty and will certainly keep me busy and hopefully more successful than before. I am looking forward to tackling these goals for the month and sharing my process in taking them all down!

Everyone needs a list of short term goals to tackle things in a manageable way and keep the spirits up. What are your goals this month?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Treasury Tuesday ~ Doggie Time

My fiance and I have 2 small dogs we have rescued from a local shelter. Although we got them over a year apart it is strange how similar in size they are. We aren't sure what kind of dogs they are but we don't care. It would be a lie if I said they didn't run our house! I put together this week's treasury in tribute to the rulers of my home!

With that being said here is my latest treasury!

Treasury: Doggie Time





 Don't forget to check out the whole treasury! There's a lot more items where that came from! 12 more items to be exact and they are all a whole lot of fun.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up ~ Sneak peek & Life

I am getting to a point where I am wrapping up all of my current Christmas orders and getting back on the road to working up some stock. This week I have been working nonstop to get Christmas goodies done in plenty of time to be mailed to their home in time. All that's left are some finishing touches until I'm back to providing more things for my Etsy Store.

Included in one of my Christmas orders is something that is going to be a new line for Innov8ive Knits. I've already done a post on this item, but I thought I would give you guys a sneak peek of what it will look like :)

I will be doing a photo session with this item next weekend to provide a much better viewing experience, but here is a little peek to water your mouth :) I really LOVE this pattern it's simple, clean, and stylish (not to mention a fun item to crochet up)

Once my work is done on all these Custom orders, I will finish up the Mardi Gras scarf I have sitting on the back burner. This is going to be a stock item. A light, flowing scarf with beading. The mardi gras scarf will be perfect for southern Mardi Gras weather.

On a more serious note I wanted to share a life experience with you that I have had this week. Earlier this past week a great woman I know and love was taken by breast cancer. It left me with a huge reminder that all of our time on this Earth is incredibly valuable and limited. There simply is not enough time in a person's life to live angry moments or live a life doing something your heart doesn't desire. Life is too short to put off chasing your dreams for even a moment. After this great loss, I will remember to tell my friends and family I love them more often, and hug & kiss my fiance just a little longer because you just never know when God will see it fit to take them or you to be with him forever. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Future Friday ~ Pinwheel Ear Warmer


I have mentioned this project before but I wanted to introduce it on it's own. I have had SEVERAL requests to make this and I am so glad to announce I have the pattern in my library now.

I currently am working hard to tackle all kinds of custom orders to get done by Christmas, but this is high on the list of things to come. I already have a couple of orders for this for Christmas, and have a pile of yarn coming in for stock with this project's name all over it!

On top of adding this to my list of things that Innov8ive Knits will offer, I have been considering making some modifications to the pattern to allow for a more versatile look. 

In the future I plan on adding a button to this headband that can be popped through the center hole of the pinwheel flower to make it interchangeable. After the first few I make in the original style, I will be making SETS to go for sale that will include one neutral colored headband with the button as well as a couple of different colored flowers to change it with.  This item will easily go with everything in your wardrobe! This is a very exciting addition and modification. I can't wait to get my hands on that yarn and have it hit the store! Keep on the look out for posts announcing it's arrival.

Because of my schedule, this will most likely not hit the store before Christmas. If you are interested in purchasing one as a Christmas gift, this can be done! Message me, and I will get with you on colors and other options. Time is running out for Christmas orders, contact me as soon as possible.
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