Sunday, April 22, 2012

Self Portrait

As part of the photography class I am in I had some homework to do this week. One of the assignments was to do a self portrait. I didn't want to get all dressed up slap my camera on a tripod and take a pretty picture. I wanted to show myself as well the real myself.

I am not the kind of girl that really enjoys getting dressed up all the time (don't get me wrong I enjoy a good dress every now and then) but usually I spend my weekends in my pajamas, not fixing my hair, not putting on makeup, and knitting every second. This is when I am the happiest. So that's exactly the way I wanted to show myself. So here's my self portrait!

Here's the real me- Messy hair, knitting needles, pajamas, and not a smidgin of makeup. It's not the prettiest picture I've ever taken but it's certainly realistic. This is the happiest state of me.

I think this was a really good exercise even if you aren't a photographer or want to be one. Think about yourself - the real yourself and grab a picture of it. When life is getting you down, your job is bleeding your creativity, anything, whip that picture out of what you REALLY are and get back to it.

"To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never give up fighting" - e.e. cummings 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Here's the big news!

Little sneak peek of how my booth may look.

So this year as many of you know I've set out some goals to accomplish as a new business. One of those goals was to attend at least one craft show this year. 

I've already announced that I am proud to say I'm on my way to that goal and will be attending the Blessing of the Fleet show on May 5 & 6th. Holy moly that's 2 weeks from today!!! You can find info about the show HERE.

Another great piece of information that I've been dying to share is that Innov8ive Knits has been accepted to a 2nd craft show... Drumroll please: The Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival!!! This is a juried show and I worked super hard on my application for this one. I must admit I was very intimidated by trying to get in BUT I did and I couldn't be more excited! This is a really fun show in Foley, Alabama with lots of beautiful hot air balloon flights in a lovely part of town. You can find more information about this show: HERE.

I am so thrilled to share and know that I have gone above and beyond my goal this year as far as shows go. Now the really hard work begins. Both of these shows are right around the corner so now it's time to knit through all hours of the night and prepare my booth for all of you to see!!! I can't wait to get the chance to finally meet a lot of my customers in person and get to interact face to face with you. When it gets closer to time, if I know exactly where my booths will be I will let you know. I'd love to see you there at either or both so don't hesitate to come and stop by. I'll be handing out some goodies for those of you who do :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Treasury Tuesday ~ Mint Greens

The mint color is really trending right now with all of its pastel goodness. This light color brings a sweet warmth to an outfit or room. This weeks treasury is all things mint!

Treasury: Mint Greens (Click Me)

To see the sources and view all of these listings click on the treasury link above. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Items Galore!

This week I've been working super hard on busting out new product to making it available to you in the store and for some hopeful craft shows. Hand knitting is such a time consuming craft, I've struggled a lot with having a small amount of product because it simply takes so long to make and by the time I finish it, it gets sold! Which is great BUT people who don't know me and see my store can find it as empty. I could just list stuff I have made before and list it as "made to order" like many sellers  to fill my store but I am an impulse buyer and when I want something I want it now. I think a lot of you are like that too and will appreciate the fact that all of my items are made and ready to ship. 

Not only do I want to offer you guys lots of product with lots of colors and sizes - I want to be able to bring that same factor to the table at shows. No one wants to see a naked craft booth! This week I have released 2 new items into the store which is a huge deal for me because that's the most I have been able to create, photograph, and list in that amount of time and am very excited to be able to share it with all of you since I've opened the store. 

Here's my newest 2 items:

Above is my newest knitted necklace. This is made of 100% cotton so although it has lots of layers it is comfortable and able to be worn in any climate. I did this shoot just yesterday in the hot Alabama sun and I didn't feel hot or sweaty at any point. This has the feel of any necklace and I love the way these necklaces look on any outfit. It's a great statement piece. You can find it in my store: HERE

I plan on making several more of these, (currently working on a vibrant blue) especially during the warmer months in LOTS of fun colors. I am even planning on doing strands on different colors for some added fun. If there is a color that you specifically would like to see, let me know and I will add it to my color palette!

Above is another dino-hawk hat! The first one I made for the store was sized for toddlers to children. This particular one is sized for newborns to infants. I think these are just too precious for little boys. Part dinosaur, part mohawk it brings out a fun edge to them that I think is very fitting. The great thing about almost all of my products for kids is that I choose a non-itchy yarn that is MACHINE WASHABLE. You're welcome moms :). I think it's so important to have things that are easy to care for. Who wants more work for a great handmade look when you don't have to. You can find this listing in my store: HERE

I am more than pleased to announce all this new product and am glad to say this is just the beginning of a lot more to come. I am on the hot knitting train and will hopefully be pushing out at least 1 item a week to every other week. I hope all of you guys are enjoying them and hope to see you around in my STORE :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Treasury Tuesday ~ Run! Zombies!!!

Last week my husband and I took a trip across town to upgrade the gun he has (not that I'm a huge fan of guns but he insists on having one for "protection" so I digress...) We were at the gun store and while he was purchasing ammunition for it, we ran across some ammo that was just for zombies. It's so surprising how big the zombie craze has gotten and I must admit that he did purchase it JUST because it was zombie themed. One of our favorite TV shows is The Walking Dead and we just follow the crowd and enjoy the heck out of this growing craze. Here's what it looked like:

In honor of that I thought this week's treasury should reflect all the fun zombie stuff floating around these days.

Treasury: Run! Zombies!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up ~ Easter Weekend

This weekend is for celebrating and spending time with family. Blair and I spent the weekend together doing just that since we are officially FAMILY now! So exciting! 

This weekend we also did a little house hunting. We have been looking for a house to rent for some time with very little luck. Since we are in the Coast Guard and won't be around for too much longer, it's not very safe for us to purchase a house so we are renting because we have totally outgrown our apartment- especially with all of my yarn and equipment I have acquired while starting my business! This weekend we may have found a winner! I'm not getting my hopes up too high or going to go into describing it too much because nothing is set in stone as of yet but I can't say how excited I am to have FINALLY found a place we are remotely interested in putting an application in at. Fingers crossed all goes well and I can have a much better suited office and have the kitchen space to put out all of our new great appliances we got as wedding gifts. They are still in boxes and I regularly drool on them preparing for the day their great exteriors can meet the fresh air and get used!

I am proud to say that this past week I submitted applications to craft shows for the first time and have chosen a few more to apply for in the near future. Although I am not guaranteed any spots as of yet I am hoping to hear from some of them soon - fingers crossed again. I've got a lot of finger crossing going on these days.

Last but not least I did a little photography for the newest addition to my store with a very fun little man! Here's a sneak peek at how they turned out.

Speaking of modeling, I am putting together something very fun and extra special for my modeling participants. I am in the process of earning my photography certificate through the University of South Alabama and have decided that I want to take as many of the photographs for my store and business as possible instead of contracting the job out. I enjoy taking them and think it adds a little something special to my store that the entire process is a work of my own! I am always looking for local models (Southern Alabama area) to wear my work and am putting together a special program/incentive for those that would like to participate. It is still in the works but it you would like to be included or know/parent someone who would please feel free to contact me. It's going to be a lot of fun. I need males and females of ALL ages!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Treasury Tuesday ~ Picture This

So last night my HUSBAND and I got to see the all of our wedding photos from our wedding on March 12th. It really made our night. We absolutely love them. Now that I have all these pictures on the brain, I need a good way to showcase them all in my home thus this week's treasury!

Treasury: Picture This

I really enjoy all of these and can't wait to get a new home to hang our new photos in! I will most certainly have to buy one or 4 or 6 of these when we get all settled!
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