Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Items Galore!

This week I've been working super hard on busting out new product to making it available to you in the store and for some hopeful craft shows. Hand knitting is such a time consuming craft, I've struggled a lot with having a small amount of product because it simply takes so long to make and by the time I finish it, it gets sold! Which is great BUT people who don't know me and see my store can find it as empty. I could just list stuff I have made before and list it as "made to order" like many sellers  to fill my store but I am an impulse buyer and when I want something I want it now. I think a lot of you are like that too and will appreciate the fact that all of my items are made and ready to ship. 

Not only do I want to offer you guys lots of product with lots of colors and sizes - I want to be able to bring that same factor to the table at shows. No one wants to see a naked craft booth! This week I have released 2 new items into the store which is a huge deal for me because that's the most I have been able to create, photograph, and list in that amount of time and am very excited to be able to share it with all of you since I've opened the store. 

Here's my newest 2 items:

Above is my newest knitted necklace. This is made of 100% cotton so although it has lots of layers it is comfortable and able to be worn in any climate. I did this shoot just yesterday in the hot Alabama sun and I didn't feel hot or sweaty at any point. This has the feel of any necklace and I love the way these necklaces look on any outfit. It's a great statement piece. You can find it in my store: HERE

I plan on making several more of these, (currently working on a vibrant blue) especially during the warmer months in LOTS of fun colors. I am even planning on doing strands on different colors for some added fun. If there is a color that you specifically would like to see, let me know and I will add it to my color palette!

Above is another dino-hawk hat! The first one I made for the store was sized for toddlers to children. This particular one is sized for newborns to infants. I think these are just too precious for little boys. Part dinosaur, part mohawk it brings out a fun edge to them that I think is very fitting. The great thing about almost all of my products for kids is that I choose a non-itchy yarn that is MACHINE WASHABLE. You're welcome moms :). I think it's so important to have things that are easy to care for. Who wants more work for a great handmade look when you don't have to. You can find this listing in my store: HERE

I am more than pleased to announce all this new product and am glad to say this is just the beginning of a lot more to come. I am on the hot knitting train and will hopefully be pushing out at least 1 item a week to every other week. I hope all of you guys are enjoying them and hope to see you around in my STORE :)

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  1. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only knitter who has this eternal fight as well. I love knitting, I just wish it didn't take as long sometimes. The only way I fill the immediate need desire it including items I sew as well. They still take time, but not nearly as much as knitting.

    I can't wait to see your other creations!

    - Andréa


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