Friday, August 31, 2012

Movin & A Shakin'

Starting today we’re MOVING!!! A big step for us, we are getting our first house (a rental, not ownership but that’s besides the point). We are coming from a 1 bedroom w/ a loft to a 3 bedroom 2 bath.  I can’t even explain how thrilled I am about getting some new space! We still have almost all of our wedding gifts in the boxes they came in because we don’t have anywhere to put them for goodness sake. You should see our bedroom, there’s a giant wall of wedding present boxes. OH yeah and now my rotten little doggies will have a yard to run around in.

The next few days while moving I’ll probably be a bit MIA, but don’t worry “I’ll be back” LOL sorry I couldn’t resist! But I WILL be back and I’ll have a brand new studio! I have so many ideas for the place, I’m even starting a pinterest board for my dream office. Any of you have any cool/organizational/fun/crafty/etc. ideas for an office to share?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Inspired - Elliot Erwitt Photography

Camera expo
Source: auggie tolosa via flickr
As a recent assignment in my latest photography class I had to choose my favorite “historical photographer”. After Googling and reading books from the library for a few days, I chose Elliot Erwitt. If you aren’t familiar with his work I encourage you to take a look at his website (click here) To my surprise I choose someone who almost always shoots black & white when I love color so much.

There’s 2 major reasons I picked his photography – I have more but let’s be honest, you don’t want to spend all day reading my blog. 
•1st is his sense of humor (mostly due to perspective) – He has an entire collection of ironic/funny photos titled “phototoons”.
• 2nd he loves dogs and does great photos of them.

Part of my assignment was after choosing this photographer is to take a photograph that emulates what you like about that photographer’s work. Elliot Erwitt has several photos oh dogs from the prospective of the ground featuring the dog in full frame and a portion of the owner’s legs. I highly encourage you to do a google image search of  “Elliot erwitt dogs” to see what I’m talking about.

Anywho- Here’s some shots from my attempt to re-create that myself.

Say hello to my husband's feet

Romeo (right) has a gangsta lean & Molly (left) is in deep concentration

I like the angle and the expression on his face in this one

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Say Goodbye, You Say Hello - To a SALE

I have an idea @ home
Source: Juli├ín Santacruz via Flickr 

Last weekend  I had a realization, one of those ideas that strikes your brain like lightning and won't let you sleep. I am not a franchise, or a one-stop-shop, and I'm sure as heck not a Wal-Mart (nor do I want to be). So why the heck does my Etsy look like one? Baby sandals, wedding veils, and ear warmers all in the same place? It just doesn't make sense.

Baby Sandals
What I AM is an artist, a hand made fiber artist to be exact. With that in mind, I should create a offering like one. Share my passion, my style, and create things that make my insides do the happy dance in a way that screams Innov8ive Knits! So that's exactly what the heck I'm gonna do.

Like all artists, I have a style and looking at my Etsy you may not have a single clue what the devil it is. You will get the chance to see specifically that here pretty soon.

Flower Clip
Before I get to fill the store with my streamlined new vision, I have to move out all the current things there. Thats the part where you say hello, A BIG FAT SALE!!! Everything, I mean EVERYTHING in the store has been discounted dramatically to move. All of this will continue to be on sale until I run out of supplies to make them. This here is your chance to grab up some high quality, all natural fiber, handmade art at a steal. Come visit my shop, and make your or someone elses-  closet happy. This stuff is officially limited edition and will only sell while supplies last.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Coolest, Tastiest, Naturalist, Bestest Vanilla Coffee Creamer Recipe of All Time

Yummy Coffee In my honeymoon Coffee Cup
About a month ago I came across a pin on Pinterest that really sparked my happy juices. It was a recipe for home made creamer. My husband and & go through creamer like a fat kid goes through cake. We were buying one of those ginormo “coffee lover” sized creamers from the grocery store just about every week.

This recipe is about a fraction of the cost and oh yeah, it’s ALL NATURAL. Before I saw this recipe and the post to it, I had never taken the time to read the ingredients in the store bought creamer. Let me tell you, half that garbage I can’t pronounce never less have a clue what the heck it is!

So I tried the recipe… no offense to whoever made it but personally my husband & I found it awful- -bleh. So I Googled and blogged and searched for more recipes to perfect it. Then tried and tried and tried again until I came up with this one. It’s simple, natural, and oh so tasty – at least I think so… and half the people at my husband’s work think so too (he brought some to share). So I feel it’s safe to share with you lovelies at this point! Here it is ladies & gents:

Whopping amount of ingredients

The coolest, tastiest, naturalist, bestest vanilla coffee creamer recipe of all time! (yep that’s what I’m gonna call it)

• 1 14oz can of sweetened condensed milk
• 1 ½ - 2 cups of half & half milk
• 1 tbsp of REAL vanilla extract (I guess you could use the imitation extract but I think the real has a better taste)

Making a double batch here, one just doesn't last us a whole week

•In a small saucepan combine the can of condensed milk & the half & half over low/medium heat until fully mixed and warm. Do not bring to a boil. (I have no idea why, but just about all the recipes I read specifically said this – it may change the texture/behavior of the mixture)
•Add vanilla Extract
• Let cool, pour it into something fun to store it in, keep in fridge. 

Dang that was easy, right?

Note: I said 1 ½- 2 cups of half & half - the variation is simply for taste. The less you use, the sweeter your creamer will be. Anywhere in that range in my opinion gives the best taste but I usually tend to sway to the 1 ½ cup side myself.

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