Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Say Goodbye, You Say Hello - To a SALE

I have an idea @ home
Source: Julián Santacruz via Flickr 

Last weekend  I had a realization, one of those ideas that strikes your brain like lightning and won't let you sleep. I am not a franchise, or a one-stop-shop, and I'm sure as heck not a Wal-Mart (nor do I want to be). So why the heck does my Etsy look like one? Baby sandals, wedding veils, and ear warmers all in the same place? It just doesn't make sense.

Baby Sandals
What I AM is an artist, a hand made fiber artist to be exact. With that in mind, I should create a offering like one. Share my passion, my style, and create things that make my insides do the happy dance in a way that screams Innov8ive Knits! So that's exactly what the heck I'm gonna do.

Like all artists, I have a style and looking at my Etsy you may not have a single clue what the devil it is. You will get the chance to see specifically that here pretty soon.

Flower Clip
Before I get to fill the store with my streamlined new vision, I have to move out all the current things there. Thats the part where you say hello, A BIG FAT SALE!!! Everything, I mean EVERYTHING in the store has been discounted dramatically to move. All of this will continue to be on sale until I run out of supplies to make them. This here is your chance to grab up some high quality, all natural fiber, handmade art at a steal. Come visit my shop, and make your or someone elses-  closet happy. This stuff is officially limited edition and will only sell while supplies last.


  1. Good luck with your sale, looking forward to seeing your new streamlined vision!

  2. Sounds like you're on a great mission! Good luck with your sale!
    I considered opening a second shop when I started my laser engraving, but enjoy the variety in my shop :) It might seem a bit random...but that sort of fits me :)

  3. Good for you for figuring out what you want for your shop! Your items are so cute. I love the baby boy owl hat, wish I had a little one to put it on :)

    1. Thanks holly... they make great shower gifts too :) LOL


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