Monday, August 20, 2012

Meal Planning the Smart and Cute Way

grocery day
Source: Janine via Flickr
Recently I got some super awesome spectacular news: My day job boss has graciously allowed me to start working there part time so I can focus on building my own business!!! I now only work there Tuesday-Thursday, which allows me to really kick things up here a notch or two.

On the opposite side of that coin, I am basically cutting my pay in half! That makes me do a some shaking in my boots, but nothing a little hard work & budgeting can’t fix.

One of the ways that I decided to do to cut down on cost is go through the trouble of planning our meals for the week. I have a bad habit of going to the grocery store and grabbing all kinds of random garbage, then get home and have a ton of stuff but nothing to cook, then we would go out to eat with a house full of groceries. No more of that mess – we are a meal planned organized home now!
Every Saturday morning before we go grocery shopping I put together our meals for the week with this nifty and FREE little printout I found online from The Project So I make the meals for the week and get my grocery list together at the same time. Since doing this I’ve cut down our grocery bill tremendously AND have limited out eating out. WIN/WIN!

Since we don’t want to eat the same stuff all the time, I had to update & re-organize our recipe box. So I purchased this(click me) awesome set of customizable templates from Bizuzza on Etsy. They are super cute, super easy to use, and super affordable. Speaking of affordable she even has a freebie on her website you can use here(click me)!


  1. Not only will these organize you, they're very fun as well!
    Congratulations on taking the step to increase your own business!

  2. Wow, very nice. Do you cut down on your grocery bill because you're shopping for specific meal ingredients?

    1. Nicole, Exactly! That in combination with the fact since our meals are planned for the week we don't go out to eat as much either.


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