Monday, September 24, 2012

Heidi of Row House14 ~ September's Featured Etsian

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I am a huge fan of the old fashioned send in the mail greeting/birthday/anytime card vs an e-card. There’s something so much more personal about a hand written note on a well-made card. If you feel the same way I do, Row House 14 has got you covered – specializing in handmade greeting cards, note cards, personalized & custom stationary, and photography she’s got a little of everything! Heidi was kind enough to let me ask her a few questions about her and her beautiful store. Meet Heidi:

What got you into stationery?
I started creating stationery and cards for a few reasons. I love paper and design and I also like getting snail mail. I wanted to make a difference in someone's day by making super awesome stationery and cards that people would either love sending or love receiving. I also needed to get out of the daily grind of teaching in an inner city school system. I love my day job, but sometimes I just need distraction from it to help me relax. I've always been involved in art of some kind since I was a small child so this was a natural draw for me.
Your work has a very distinct style. To me they all seem to be that perfect
balance of simplicity that a card should have and a pop of color that brings
it to life. Where do you think you developed this style?
I get so sick of those cards that are overly flowery and sentimental. In general, I've always like simple lines and fabulous colors. Stationery shouldn't be gaudy. It should be clean lined. And cards shouldn't be sappy and sentimental. They should be personable, straight to the point, and funny. They seem more real that way. I mean, how often do you go up to a friend and say something super sentimental and flowery to them? Never. So why not have a card that says what you'd say. I'm all about colloquialism and a bit of sarcasm in there doesn't hurt now and then either.
Personalized Monogram Note Card Set

 What is your favorite item in your store?
I'm going to seem totally immature and gross for this, but I love my birthday card that says Happy Birthday You Old Fart! This card began as a total joke when I was feeling less than creative and had a brainstorming block. After discussing it for a bit with some friends as a joke, one night I literally hand sketched the card to continue the joke. My fiance and I looked at the sketch and sat on the couch laughing so hard that we started to cry. Finally he said, "You totally have to make that and list it!" So I did. It was still kind of a joke when I first listed it until it quickly became one of my most popular birthday cards. To this day, every time someone buys one, I can't stop laughing. I love that others get my sense of humor.
Happy Birthday Old Fart Card

  Like myself, you are a coffee lover! Tell me about this coffee shop
you would like to own some day?
In my lifetime, I've spent 7 years as a barista. I love the atmosphere and people that you tend to have in coffee shops and I also love coffee. For me, I love the idea of being able to have my coffee shop and also spend time designing. I always feel that coffee shops are a meeting place for people of all kind and provide a sort of community. I'd love to be able to work behind the counter in the mornings, have a few employees to do the job in the afternoon, and hang out in the afternoon with my cup of coffee and my computer working on graphic design. I'm not a big institution type of person and like the idea of having my own schedule while doing something I love.

Do you have any special/secret/exciting/cool things coming soon that you
can share?
I just put out a new line of birthday cards that are based on the 12 zodiacs and feature the constellations. They've been received really well which I'm super excited about. I have three new Halloween cards that also are new in my shop this month. I'm also going to be coming out with some new Thanksgiving and Christmas cards in the coming month so stay tuned for those! I'm soon thinking of adding a new product line that involves lots of bold colors. I'll be sure to update twitter and Facebook as those ideas come to fruition!

Zodiac Birthday Card

You also like a little... well a lot of ice cream. If you could only eat one
flavor of ice cream for the rest of your life what would it be?
That one is much easier than you would assume it to be considering my love of ice cream. The Chief, a local ice cream place in my hometown in Indiana, makes the best chocolate ice cream I've ever eaten.

Heidi and her work can be found on:
•Twitter(click) Heidi - "I get a little crazy on Twitter during football season with my obsession of the Steelers, so don't say I didn't warn you! ;)"

Secret Admirer Card

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Our first house!!!
Easier than said than done, we have finally moved into our new home! Man has it been a rough and crazy adventure. I don’t know if everyone else has so many problems come up in a move but our list was just out of this world! Being newlyweds I can certainly say that a move is a test of a relationship. I’m pleased to say though, that I think we did pretty darn good considering the circumstances.

Did I mention we used to live on the THIRD floor of an apartment… like 3 flights of stairs? Oh yeah and we had a loft so make that FOUR flights of stairs we moved from. I will probably have nightmares for years about going up and down and up and down and up and down…(I think you get the point) flights of stairs!!! My legs were on fire after the 2nd day of moving. That covered my workouts for the week for sure!

Another “fun” adventure was that with my husband had an unexpected trip out of town days before the move (gee thanks Isaac) and forgot to have our water & power switched to the new place. So a day before we moved we called to have it taken care of and no one could do anything over the Labor Day holiday weekend. We moved and lived in a home with no water or power for a couple of days, then when the power came on we learned the AC was broken and had to have someone come repair it!!! Oh my goodness I could have slapped someone.
Shadow of our house onto out gorgeous back yard

I must say now that all is said and done and everything is starting to get back to normal (whatever the heck that is), we are so glad to be in a larger space. We keep trying to talk to each other from another room like we did in our apartment and now the space is so large we can’t hear each other.  It makes for some pretty funny conversations. It’s definitely going to have to take some getting used to – in a good way of course. And my two sweet babies finally have a yard to run around in. They are just as happy to finally have some space as we are!

Now I get to have a whole closet full of yarn, an office far far away from the TV and my husband yelling at football games, and a spare bedroom for our out of town family to come visit that will second for my photography studio!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Exclusive Sale! 10% OFF The Word Nerd Studio

Damask Decal (click)

Last week I did a Treasury Tuesday on Paieley Patterns (click here) and one of the featured sellers was kind enough to reward the feature with an Innov8ive Knits Exclusive sale!!!

Paisley Decal (click)

This seller is Jennifer of The Word Nerd Studio (click me). She is offering up a 10% discount off of ALL items in here store now until September 30th.  All you have to do is put in the coupon code “INNOV8” at checkout for your special and exclusive discount.

Not only does she have paisley decals for mixers, the store has other patterns for mixers as well as cute decals for other large appliances such as a dishwasher and the wall. All of them are even customizable to whichever color you want. This really is a steal!

Take advantage of it while you can, this offer is only good until September 30th

Damask Appliance Decal
Lattice Decals (click)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Treasury Tuesday ~ Paisley Party

OK so now that I’m back in the office Treasury Tuesday’s are back!!! I could use a little fun & funky to get the creative juices a flowin now that I’m in knit knit knit for the cold season central!

One of my favorite fun & funky, mind brightening patterns is paisley! Oh do I love me some happy paisley. So this week we’re having a Paisley Party!!! Although I love all of these things, I did want to especially point out that first pair of grey “Tom’s” shoes are HAND PAINTED! Stuff like that is exactly why I love Etsy so much.


'Paisley Party' by Innov8iveKnits

Handpainted Custom Toms Shoe...

Handmade Copper Bracelet Etc...

Paisley Cards - Elegant Hand...

Pink Paisley. . . Personali...

Handmade Indian Wood and Bra...

Paisley Display Board

Paisley Passion Copper Lante...

Ruffled Camera Strap Cover P...

Paisley Parade digital paper...

Kindle Touch or Kindle 4th G...

Paisley Necklace Mehendi Bir...

boho chic decor, paisley swi...

Paisleys Parading Painted on...

iPhone 4 case - iphone 4s ca...

Boys Tie- Paisley- Sizes new...

Kitchen Mixer Vinyl Decals-P...
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