Saturday, October 29, 2011

GIVEAWAY ~ The Bearded Beanie

This has been such a fun project to work on. Watching this take shape has been so entertaining! Don't you love it? Well it can be yours for FREE! This is the first giveaway that Innov8ive Knits has done and I can't wait to give someone the opportunity to take a new product home! This hat is great for a gift for yourself, or for a Christmas gift.  It's that season where you start stashing gifts in preparation for Christmas.

Want one? Here's how it works:
Refer a friend to like Innov8ive Knit's Facebook page. Once they like the page, they post on my wall who referred them (you) and that gets you one entry! There is no limit to how many entries you get so refer all of your friends because each "like" gets you another chance to win. The more entries, the better the chance you could be the next proud owner of a bearded beanie! It's that simple!

 The GIVEAWAY starts today and extends for 14 days. That means it ends on November 12th. Shortly after that date I will post a new blog with a video of me drawing the name out of a bag to announce the winner!!

Hat Details:
This hat is made out of a super wash merino wool. This means it's washable and not itchy like regular wool but just as warm. The beard has button holes and there are buttons on the inside of the hat so you have the option to wear with or without the beard whenever you want! As great as having a beard it, it's not appropriate everywhere. LOL. The size is made for an adult male head. Sorry ladies, this hat will probably be a little too big for you.

If you don't win(sad face), there are other ways to get your hands on one! I am currently working on another just like it that I will be putting up for sale on my Etsy Store in the very near future. I will post it on FB when the listing is made available for purchase. Also, if you are a local customer I will be making a special coupon for FREE SHIPPING and will meet up with you to hand deliver.

In addition, I am taking custom orders for these to be made in time for Christmas. This means you can pick out your own colors (to match football teams, certain outfits, or favorite colors). Christmas is coming fast and so are the order requests, so I won't be able to offer these guaranteed by the holidays for long. Message me ASAP if you would like to have one for a stocking stuffer or special gift this year.

Special thanks to my fiance, Blair for being such a cooperative model!

Good luck!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Future Friday ~ all about the facial hair

Apparently I have developed an obsession with facial hair. Funny thing is, I hate when my fiance doesn't shave! I've already made a bearded beanie, which is mostly for the men folk. Now I want something fun for the ladies… facial hair for ladies & fun in the same sentence? Why yes I did!

I mustache you a question! Who wants a warm neck and some mustache fun?!?! I do! This is just TOO cute and funny for it's own good! It's an excellent way to keep your neck warm in a super unique way. It is SURE to turn heads. It can be done in a ton of fun colors to suit your wardrobe too.

This will for sure be making it's way to my Etsy store in the near future!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A little self indulgence hat!

Since I opened Innov8ive Knits, I haven't knitted ONE thing for myself. Christmas is coming around the corner and I came across something I just HAD to have!  Time for some self indulgence and make myself a little cold weather gift for all my hard work this year!

I love, love, love this! I love the colors, I love the design, I love it all and absolutely have to have it. Now the challenge is to keep adding to my incredibly small Etsy stock, fill custom orders in time, AND make this for myself before the cold weather is all gone and I can't use it!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend wrap-up ~ Treasury, Pinwheel hat, & bearded beanie

I just love the weekend, and hate how quickly it goes! This weekend I started the bearded beanie hat. I re-wrote the pattern to make the hat have stripes and changed it into knitting insted of crochet (I personally like the cleaner look of knitting over crochet in this case). It is coming along well and the details on the giveaway will be here before you know it!  I can't WAIT to finish it and show you guys how awesome and fun this hat is going to be! There will be 2 made so if you don't win the giveaway, you can still get one.

Today I did a photo shoot for the pinwheel hat w/ flower. This hat is just so precious, especially after adding a little bling to the flower.

I also made my first treasury this weekend. I think this is something that I am going to do on a regular basis to share special things that I come acors that I really think are great finds. These aren't knitted things in particular, just things that I find are wonderful, a bargin, or unique! I like to share my style and hopefully you find that it is great too. Maybe do a segment called "Treasury Tuesday"! Here is this week's in advance!

I am very sad to see this fab and productive weekend come to an end, but here it is once again. See ya next time, there's a very good chance this time next month the bearded beanie giveaway will just be getting started!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Future Friday ~ Tie Time

I have always thought that knitted ties are just cool looking. Especially skinny ones. Every time I walk into Express I like to look at them (even though I'm a girl and totally don't wear ties). I've never known someone to hand knit one though.

This is something I have been wanting to make for my Etsy store stock for some time and have moved it back several times for custom orders. Now I am busting through projects and it is coming time to make one. I just think these are so great and making one, gives me the option to really customize them. I have a couple color-ways of yarn that I plan on using them in my stash currently: combinations of blues and greens. I also have a super plan of doing an all black tie with one 1" - .05" vibrant royal blue diagonal stripe a few inches from the bottom. Very mod looking.

The plan is so far to dedicate a whole shop section in my Etsy store for ties like this. So once I get one done I will have 2 sections (and more stock)! It is really starting to come together and fill up! I have a loose goal of having 20 stock items in the store before Christmas. Between the wedding planning, work, and custom orders it certainly will be a challenge but I'm up for trying to tackle it!

I have started the bearded beanie for the give away and after that I have one more to make to add to my Etsy stock, and THEN I will make my first tie! BTW these can make excellent Christmas gifts for the special guy on your list this year and can be made in just about any color(s) your heart desires. See the "contact me" tab at the top of the page for custom quotes!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Inspiration Spreads Like Wildfire ~ Victoria Secret?

Inspiration can come from the strangest places! This week I got some promotional junk email from Victoria Secret and was blown away. My montra for Innov8ive Knits is: a modern twist on a traditional craft. What is more modern and totally in style than Victoria Secret? I can take a que when one is laid in my lap!

When people think of hand knitted clothes, they think like: sweater vests, corny christmas sweaters, etc. I am trying to break the mold on how people see knitting and this is it!
This is totally do-able by hand... it would be a hell of a project, but still totally do-able! This is the kind of thing Innov8ive Knits is all about (and apparently Victoria Secret too lol).  It would be incredibly time consuming and expensive, but this is the kind of statement I want to make with the business. Not necessarially sexy (although sexy is good) but to scream at the top of my lungs that knitting IS not just itchy wool unflattering sweaters anymore. I am currently looking for patterns with this essence that I can modify to make an amazing sweater dress. Keep your eyes peeled, this will hit a future friday soon!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend wrap-up ~Endless scarf photo shoot & new packaging

Here is my final blog post on the endless Celtic cable scarf. As many of you know I have been working on this scarf for quite some time for a custom order. It is finally finished, blocked, and now I have photos to prove it! Here they are!

I'm very pleased with the final product and know my customer will be happy. On to the next adventure!

Also this week I have added 2, count em' 2 more items to my Etsy store! Along with adding those extra items, I have changed my store to provide international shipping as well. Pretty soon my hand made goodies could be traveling the globe!

Another thing I have done with Innov8ive Knits is change the way people receive their new product. I went out and got a giant tag hole puncher and some decorative card stock sheets of paper.  Each new item that leaves Innov8ive Knits will have one of these tags with hand written instructions on how to care for their new garment attached with hemp string. On top of this being helpful information for the "end user", it looks more professional and gives a special touch that reminds people that someone spent time to make it by hand.

If you notice on the right side of my blog, there is a widget that shows what is for sale in my Etsy store. It's a fun way to get a glimpse of what's going on when you don't have the time to browse the store. What a fun little widget. 

I am working on the finishing touches on another Lion Toy and after that the bearded beanie will be on my needles!!! I can not WAIT until this premieres and the first giveaway takes place. This is going to be so much fun!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Future Friday ~ Laisse le bon temps rouler SCARF

Thanks to the Facebook input, I have decided to do a Mardi Gras scarf! I was immediately drawn to this pattern when I saw it. It's just so interesting and the beading adds such a fun twist. It wasn't until I started looking for yarn for this scarf did I have the epiphany to make it a Mardi Gras scarf. Here's pictures of what the scarf pattern does:

Pattern: Undulating Waves
And here's a picture of the yarn I'm gonna use to make it scream Mardi Gras:

Here in Alabama, Mardi Gras is a pretty big event and everyone is always done up right for the ocassion. The weather that time of year is chilly but usually not SUPER cold, so this light scarf is the perfect fix! Everything turns purple, green, and yellow during the holiday. I have enough yarn currently to make 2 of these scarves and plan on having them made just in time for the festivities. I am really looking forward to seeing these 2 elements come together to create  what I invision for this scarf. Not to mention I am going to enjoy making something that is for an adult for a change, unfortunately that means I will have a hard time putting it up for sale. Can't wait to get it started!

P.S. - One more project to go before I begin the bearded beanie for the giveaway!!! Get ready to learn how to qualify for the drawing!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rhythm Hat Finito!

OK well I don't speak Italian but I am super excited about having the rhythm hat finished. It has been finished for a little while now and I have been in search for a little boy model for the hat to add to my profile before sending it out (across the country might I add). What's more important than making my portfolio pretty is making sure that my customers are happy. I was unable to find a little model before it needed to ship out so I improvised. I actually made this hat display before I made any hats to add to my portfolio and decided that I wanted to use real models.  -From my research, real models make the item more attractive/relateable than hanging out on it's own. -

So I took my special hat display outside my apartment in this FANTASTIC weather and took some shots of it before it made its big adventure to the other side of the country.

I think this is such a cute hat that is perfect for every day wear. Innov8ive Knits style is: unique, trendy/stylish, boutique quality knits. This hat isn't particularly unique but that's what gives it the versatility it has. Sometimes you just want something clean and classy that you can tie into a wardrobe for every day wear. I think that the color work gives that traditional style hat a little umph of unique though. It's fun without being too much.

On a side note, if you are a local customer and interested in being a model for my work yourself or your child message me for details. (use the "contact me" tab on the top of the page). All participants receive a 15% discount on future purchases and copies of all edited photos as a special thank you.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Introducing Gift Cards!

Awesome news! I am now offering gift cards! These can be used for custom orders or Etsy store purchases. There are a lot of holidays coming up and there are ALWAYS people getting married or having babies. Ocassions to give gifts come all the time. Giving the gift of something handmade gives an extra touch, more so than something commercial you can grab at the mall.

Gift cards can be purchased via the Gift Card tab on the top of my website.

Show someone special that you love them, and give them the gift of hand made art.  A boutique quality, heirloom piece has a place in everyone's home and heart and won't be soon forgotten.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up ~ The end of the endless scarf

Since I've finally got this cold kicked in the butt, I have been working nonstop on this scarf! I am SO glad to have it done... well almost done. Remind me to never make a super intricate cabled scarf out of a DK weight yarn again... EVER. lol.  It does look great though, and after all of this hard work, I will be quite sad to see it go! That's the only downside to the business is that I have to give my hard work to someone else (for a price of course).  I put a lot of time and heart into these projects and it's been surprising how attached I get to them.

Right now the endless cable scarf is in the blocking process

Here the scarf is soaking in some luke-warm water before being laid out to block. After it's dried, all I will need to do is sew on my label and get it ready for delivery to my customer. This piece is also pretty sentimental because it was the first custom order that I received! I can't wait to get some really good pictures of it too. Expect a photo shoot in the near future.

Also in news from this week, Innov8ive Knits is going nationwide!!! Yesterday I made my first shipment of product all the way out to California! The rhythm hat is traveling in a package as we speak. It's so exciting that my work is getting to travel and see people it never would get to make an impression on here. It is hopefully the first of many travels of my work to many different places all over the country. After making that shipment, I realized that I should have a better game plan on how I do my shipping for out of state customers and my Etsy customers. Research was made and I have decided on all orders to ship in the future USPS priority mail. It seems the best budget wise and convenience for myself and the customer to to the flat rate envelopes for most of my orders. Odd shaped larger items may have to be done differently.

Now that this scarf is pretty much done, I am going to start doing the pinwheel hat today. I am really looking forward to seeing the finished product, especially with some added modifications.

Between stock for my growing Etsy store and custom orders my queue to knit is just growing like weeds! It got to the point that I had to do a printout just to keep it manageable and make sure that I get things done with a priority and order to make sure things get done when they should. I'm not swimming in profit and I'm not answering phone calls and e-mails all day long but things are definitely growing. I am so proud of how things are blooming and I can hardly contain all of the ideas I have for the business.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend wrap-up ~ funky flu & Etsy opening


This week has been incredibly busy! This is exactly how I feel but add a couple tissues up her nose and add some yarn and needles. Juggling a day job and your own business can be very trying at times! I certainly do not feel like I did enough for Innov8ive Knits this week. I've been pulling some extra overtime at my day job for trade shows and inventory. At the end of the week, I managed to catch one of the worst colds I have had in a long time. I don't think I have slept this much in well… ever! I tried to squeeze some knitting while I was on the couch but my head was so fuzzy all the stitches mushed together and when I looked down, I had no idea what I had made!! lol It was best I stopped while I was ahead.

On the bright side, I DID manage to get some things accomplished before it all went downhill! I have officially started putting things on my Etsy store!!! I am building up stock and listings for the GRAND OPENING. I don't have a date picked for it just yet (this depends on how many more custom orders I pick up and how much time I have to work on stock pieces) nor have I decided what I will do to make the GRAND OPENING something special (I'm thinking a special coupon or sale for my blog or facebook followers). I am so proud and excited about it. This really feels like a big move forward for my business, and I hope it really starts to gain traffic. The more I get in that store, the more hits it will get, and the better the chance people will make purchases. 

If there is something that you have seen or that I made that you would like to see in the store or you think would be popular let me know! I am always looking for people's opinions. YOU as my follower and customer has the most important input and my ears are ALWAYS open to your thoughts. (or my eyes in this case)

Also I have found someone to model for the Rhythm hat. If I am still not couch surfing this week due to my super awesome cold, I intend to get the photos done for this in the coming week, so be ready to see that. Let me know what your thoughts of this hat are too! Do you like this more traditional hat, and what colors would you like to see in the future? I have been told that a charcoal grey and crimson red would be nice (even though they are Alabama colors). 

Believe it or not, I am STILL working on that never ending scarf! I am on my last skein of yarn though so it is finally coming to an end. Next time I make this thing I will pick a bigger yarn for sure! 

I decided as well that I have another idea to add to my store categories: baby mobiles! I want to knit tiny themed toys and attach them to different materials to hang over a baby bed. Themes including: stars & moons, safari animals, farm animals, & planes. If you have any other ideas for this I would love to hear them. This is definitely going to hit a future Friday soon when I clear up some projects already on my queue. 

There are so many great things up my sleeve and I can't wait to put them out there for the world to see. It's so exciting to see things really start to come together. Now it's just waiting time until I get my first Etsy buy! I am in need of feedback to build credibility. Don't forget to share the growing store with your friends and add it to your Etsy circle. Also keep subscribed to the blog because the bearded beanie Christmas giveaway will be here before you know it and you won't want to miss it!
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