Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up ~ The end of the endless scarf

Since I've finally got this cold kicked in the butt, I have been working nonstop on this scarf! I am SO glad to have it done... well almost done. Remind me to never make a super intricate cabled scarf out of a DK weight yarn again... EVER. lol.  It does look great though, and after all of this hard work, I will be quite sad to see it go! That's the only downside to the business is that I have to give my hard work to someone else (for a price of course).  I put a lot of time and heart into these projects and it's been surprising how attached I get to them.

Right now the endless cable scarf is in the blocking process

Here the scarf is soaking in some luke-warm water before being laid out to block. After it's dried, all I will need to do is sew on my label and get it ready for delivery to my customer. This piece is also pretty sentimental because it was the first custom order that I received! I can't wait to get some really good pictures of it too. Expect a photo shoot in the near future.

Also in news from this week, Innov8ive Knits is going nationwide!!! Yesterday I made my first shipment of product all the way out to California! The rhythm hat is traveling in a package as we speak. It's so exciting that my work is getting to travel and see people it never would get to make an impression on here. It is hopefully the first of many travels of my work to many different places all over the country. After making that shipment, I realized that I should have a better game plan on how I do my shipping for out of state customers and my Etsy customers. Research was made and I have decided on all orders to ship in the future USPS priority mail. It seems the best budget wise and convenience for myself and the customer to to the flat rate envelopes for most of my orders. Odd shaped larger items may have to be done differently.

Now that this scarf is pretty much done, I am going to start doing the pinwheel hat today. I am really looking forward to seeing the finished product, especially with some added modifications.

Between stock for my growing Etsy store and custom orders my queue to knit is just growing like weeds! It got to the point that I had to do a printout just to keep it manageable and make sure that I get things done with a priority and order to make sure things get done when they should. I'm not swimming in profit and I'm not answering phone calls and e-mails all day long but things are definitely growing. I am so proud of how things are blooming and I can hardly contain all of the ideas I have for the business.


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