Friday, October 14, 2011

Future Friday ~ Laisse le bon temps rouler SCARF

Thanks to the Facebook input, I have decided to do a Mardi Gras scarf! I was immediately drawn to this pattern when I saw it. It's just so interesting and the beading adds such a fun twist. It wasn't until I started looking for yarn for this scarf did I have the epiphany to make it a Mardi Gras scarf. Here's pictures of what the scarf pattern does:

Pattern: Undulating Waves
And here's a picture of the yarn I'm gonna use to make it scream Mardi Gras:

Here in Alabama, Mardi Gras is a pretty big event and everyone is always done up right for the ocassion. The weather that time of year is chilly but usually not SUPER cold, so this light scarf is the perfect fix! Everything turns purple, green, and yellow during the holiday. I have enough yarn currently to make 2 of these scarves and plan on having them made just in time for the festivities. I am really looking forward to seeing these 2 elements come together to create  what I invision for this scarf. Not to mention I am going to enjoy making something that is for an adult for a change, unfortunately that means I will have a hard time putting it up for sale. Can't wait to get it started!

P.S. - One more project to go before I begin the bearded beanie for the giveaway!!! Get ready to learn how to qualify for the drawing!


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