About Me

Helloooooo! My name is Tiffany Doten & I’m your own personal fiber artist! No not the fiber in your morning breakfast bar- the good stuff! We’re talking Peruvian wool, silk, baby alpaca, organic cotton – ya know THAT kind of fiber. The stuff fluffy cloud dreams are made of, the Ghirardelli of chocolates. Drooling yet?
Growing up/living in the south, we have 2 seasons (summer & spring) so people here tend to treat the word “knitting” like the Devil developed it himself. Well maybe not that bad but I do get a lot of strange looks while working on a bearded beanie on the beach. Rightfully so I guess but the drive is there and an exquisite project just can’t be put down. Who made the rule you can’t knit & work on your tan at the same time anyway??? There’s nothing better than covering yourself or someone else (if you like them enough) in top-drawer natural fibers. When was the last time you said, “Why yes, I’d like this itchy acrylic factory made yarn blanket to swaddle my precious newborn child in”? Probably never. 
Along with fancy fibers, leading-edge, advanced techniques are the frosting on the cake here providing fashionable & unparalleled pieces that surpass any selling hobbyist. All of this and more is done in my Southern Alabama home alongside my Coastie hubby and 2 dogs that think they run the house. This here is the real deal, heirloom perfection, fiber masterpiece your closet’s been whispering to you about in your sleep. OK so maybe that last sentence gave ya a tiny nightmare but in all seriousness I want the chance to provide you with the best darn hand knitted goodies you’ve ever laid eyes on and for you to love owning it just as much as I love making it. 
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