Monday, September 3, 2012

Eileen Pandolfo of LazaFlair

Custom "Bucket List" Notebook

So this woman totally rocks my socks. Not only is she the featured Etsian this month, she is officially my newest EBF (Etsy Best Friend) LOL Ok however corny and 6th grade that sounds it’s totally true! We have so much in common that I swear we were sisters in another life- we went to the same location & hotel for our honeymoon, are both running a mud race in November, have a birthday days apart, and teach/taught fitness to name just a few similarities. We had a flippin BLAST talking to each other for the first time!

Keurig Coffee Book - keep track of your fav K-Cups

Eileen hand makes notebooks of all sorts & other really cute paper goodies. Thank you so much Eileen Pandolfo for letting me feature you this month!

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"Things to do" notebook

Customized Coasters

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  1. Love the Bucket List book and coasters :)
    Isn't it great finding people you connect with like that!


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