Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Inspiration Spreads Like Wildfire ~ "There's Always Room" for Michelle Ward


Welcome to the second portion of "Inspiration Spreads Like Wildfire" !! This article is going to focus on someone who inspires me, rocks the house, and is full of wonderful information for newbie business starters like myself (and maybe you too)!

When I decided to open up my own Etsy store, I signed up for their helpful newsletter. In one of these newsletters they did an interview with one of my newest favorite people and bloggers Michelle Ward. She's a certified life coach with a pretty cool background. She originally started her carreer with a major in musical theater from NYU. She even made an appearance on "Saturday Night Live"! After realizing that's not what she wanted anymore, re-invented herself to become what her heart desired - to be a life coach. Read more of her story HERE!

 Not only is she a life coach, she coaches people through figuring out what they want to do when they "grow up". Now I'm 23 and consider myself pretty "grown up", but that's the point! I'm 23 and totally not doing what I wanted to do when I grow up(or wasn't until now at least).

Watching that interview and reading her blog has set a fire of "I THINK I CAN" under my hiney and has gotten me more organized and confident in my business. In fact her post There's Always Room (seriously for real read this if you are considering doing your own thing. It's my FAVORITE) inspired me to write the first edition of Inspiration Spreads Like Wildfire. Not only did I start that, but found it so wonderful I have turned it into a series! It will come out periodically to share what or who inspires me. This girl is where is starts my friends.

If you are interested in truly finding or doing what you want to do when you grow up, Michelle should be your second hand lady! Her words are fresh (like who says "Amazeballs"), and seasoned (she has experience and is licensed in coaching people like us). Also, every post that I have read since I've began to follow her has been interesting and/or informative. There are no dud posts with this one.

It's so incredible how a total stranger can change your outlook, attitude, or life just by a few posts. She certainly has done that for me and I highly encourage you to check her out; Let her Inspiration Spread Like Wildfire to your neck of the woods. You may be surprised what you find out about yourself, what you want, and unleash what you are totally capable of!

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  1. Aw, this is so the sweetest! THANK YOU so very super much - you've absolutely brightened my day!


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