Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up ~ The endless scarf and Successful Donations

The never ending scarf!

This weekend has been slam packed full of adventure! SouthBARK's fundraiser was a success. I got my donation to them just in the nick of time for the silent auction. I am very excited to be able to support the cause.

 Also, I added several inches to the Celtic Cable Scarf. This thing is so beautiful but seems to go on forever and ever.. and ever… and ever! :) It's a very detailed pattern that has been quite time consuming but I am super pleased with the way it is turning out. I think my customer will be very happy with the final outcome.

AND I got another big order over the weekend. I can't wait to get it started for them. It's so flattering every single time someone decides to support my business and place and order! I'm so thrilled to have a new customer. They have requested:
This is not my work but a photo from the pattern. Link to pattern above.!/photo.php?fbid=242622289089698&set=a.242230725795521.66042.242227152462545&type=1&theater
One blue set.
This is not my work but the photo off of the pattern. Link to pattern above.

My schedule is really starting to fill up for projects. I've gotten several inquiries about the bearded beanie as well. (this is one pattern I'm considering using but not sure yet) With working full time, it's near impossible to take the orders and build a stock for Etsy at the same time but I'm so greatful for the interest. If things continue to be so successful I will be able to jump to part time job and more time Innov8ive Knits before I thought possible.

On the personal side of life, I had 2 of my favorite people by my side at a bridal event: Weddings to Bragg About. We had a great time even though it was packed. I got a lot of good information and vendor contacts while were there as well. It's a great event but thank goodness I don't have to go again. It was so full of people I could hardly hear myself think!

That's it for this weekend's wrap-up. Look out for posts in the near future on the second segment of Inspiration spreds like wildfire on one my favorite bloggers, and another on projects I have in my crosshairs!


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