Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tunic Time - A gift for my inner "Diva"

This weekend I finally wrapped up a project I have had on the sidelines for some time now. In all the hustle of life and starting my business it has been hibernating on the side. When you work on a project for so long (close to 6 months) it starts to lose it's shine and I had basically gotten tired of looking at it until it got finished and I got to (finally) see it in all its glory the way it was meant to be seen- instead of in a project bag on needles. I must admit it was one of the most simple of projects as far as a garment goes that I've ever done. Which may have contributed to why it took so long because it is massive and… well kind of a boring knit. It would be a great first clothing project for a new knitter.

The finished product is quite pleasing, and although I'm usually not a big fan of purple I really like it here. Not to mention since I generally don't like purple it's a unique and different addition to my wardrobe. Being a knitted garment, it likes to cling to all the great curvy spots you don't want anyone to know exists but a nice accent belt cleans that up nicely and gives it a better shape (there is no waist/hip shaping in this pattern so it's pretty blocky here).

Pattern: Diva Tunic

Guest apperance by Romeo


Me and my photographer/fiance :)

I would have gone outside and taken much better pictures but if you aren't from the area it's 100 degrees outside and 80% humidity here. By the time I walked from my door and down 3 flights of stairs to somewhere good to do a shoot, I would be so sweaty I'd look like I just jumped out of the pool. Needless to say, that's so not happening. Maybe when the fall comes around we will do another.


  1. I love the tunic! It looks fantastic (and great on you as well!)

  2. Thanks! I'm so glad to see it out of my project bag. Welcome to the blog too!


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