Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up ~ Laborous weekend!

Happy Labor Day weekend(well not anymore it's basically over)! I am so thrilled to finally have a good chunk of time to put forward to the things I love- my business! Sometimes it's so hard to get anything done and devote the time and things that it truly deserves and needs while working somewhere else full time. I could use a few extra hours in the day! There is something to be said about the feeling you get, when you get up in the morning and do EXACTLY what you want to be doing.

Special thanks to the storm in the Gulf here all weekend, I have an excellent excuse to stay on the couch all day and knit(and probably gain a few extra pounds). I decided to tackle a project for stock that I've been dying to knit. I had to pick up another project to break up working on the endless scarf. I think this hat is just WAY too precious for it's own good and can't wait to put it on a little model! Speaking of which do I have any takers??? I need a little sweetie around 12-24 months  (maybe even older) for a photo shoot!!

This so does not fit me but gives you an idea or what it will look like on a real head until I can do a photo shoot.
 This hat has been one of the more complex patterns I have done in quite some time. There is a lot of shaping  and short rows to get this thing to do what it does. I'm really enjoying watching it take shape. Each row turns it into something new.

This hat will look so precious on a little one, give them a sophisticated older look. This will make for great pictures, especially with grandparents. I've seen this hat done on Ravelry (click on the link to see the picture) and they had the child on his grandfather's lap and they were both wearing a hat like this in a similar color and it was just TOO cute!

BREAKING NEWS!!! I've also decided to start a line of yoga/pilates socks. I teach pilates on my free time and really enjoy the pair I made for myself. There are holes in the heel and toes so you still have the capability to grip the mat while keeping your feet warm. The warmer the body the better the stretch & more calories burned (plus they are pretty darn stylish if I may say so myself). I am really looking forward to converting some of my favorite regular sock patterns into yoga/pilates socks. There's a million different options for these and I think people will enjoy them as much as I do. These are also good for dancers that need grip in these areas of the foot. I have seen these placed on top of ballerina shoes and bare feet as far as dancing goes. Living in Alabama it's hard to think about needing to keep warm but the cold season is right around the corner and I cant wait! Keep your eyes out for the new line of those!


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