Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Meeting Little Gavin!

Gavin taking a hard core nap!

This weekend I FINALLY got to meet my best friend’s newborn son and man is he a handsome little thing! At a fresh 3 weeks this little man looked and was as strong as a 3 MONTH old. My husband and I were both so thrilled to get the chance to meet him for the first time and had a blast hanging with him for a few days. Plus it doesn’t hurt they live a good three hours from home so a little out of town time away was a great little vacation for us.

Blair and I driving to Auburn!

 It has become a tradition for me to make a blanket for all of my close friends' children - which seem to be more and more frequent there must be something in the water. A few months back when I started Gavin’s, I did a post on it’s beginning stages (to see it click HERE). I haven’t said much else about it due to the fact his mommy wanted to see the finished product as a surprise so it’s been top secret for a bit.

Here it is in all its glory! I used a stitch pattern called entrelac that creates a series of blocks in the colors Mom picked out for him. Since this type of stitch has a front side and back side (not reversible) I chose a cotton fabric backing of brown monkeys to back it complete with a brown bias tape border! I’m not an expert seamstress but I must say I’m pretty pleased with how the sewing portion turned out too. It’s machine washable so safe for real use – spit up and all! I have secret (well not so secret anymore) hopes that this turns out to be the one blankie he eventually carries everywhere until he’s grown… we’ll see (fingers crossed).

Can't you see how much he loves it?!?!

thinkin' hard

 Special thanks to Erica and Brandon for letting me share their handsome son here on the site! Love you guys!

Blue Steel Face!

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  1. What a beautiful baby :) he is very very handsome! The blanket is lovely :) and he looks very comfy on it. Thanks for sharing

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