Sunday, June 24, 2012

A New Leaf & A New Look

I've been doing a lot of self reflection and thought about what I want Innov8ive Knits to offer. The responses I have been getting from the wedding veil line in addition to the comments I've received at my latest show has lead me in a direction I think I have been wanting to go all along. 

This new direction is leaving some of the current products behind to make space for things that are unique, organic, and require a higher skill level than most of the things currently offered (such as the wedding veil). Some of the things that you can look forward to in the near future are:

  • more wedding veils
  • other wedding accessories
  • organic face cloth/wash cloth sets w/ hand made organic soaps
  • norwegian socks & stockings
  • accessories full of color work & cables

To go along with the new direction of knitted & crochet goods, I wanted to update the "face" if you will of Innov8ive Knits and update the website so here it is! I think this look reflects myself and the product line well - crisp & clean, trendy, and natural. 

Since most of the items coming to the store will require more advanced techniques and time, a lot of my items will become made to order instead of ready to ship like it has been in the past. I was hesitant to come to this decision because I took a lot of pride in being able to ship something immediately to a customer. The decision was ultimately made because I wanted to get the chance to offer customization that wouldn't be possible with a "ready to ship" listing. I also want to get the chance to make something specifically for you instead of just shipping it out to the customer as an afterthought. This way each and every detailed stitch will be made with you in mind - tweaking it just how you need it.

Don't worry, not all of the things in the store are going to disappear and if they are eventually removed, I am always willing to take custom orders to make sure to get you what you need. Keep an eye out for new listings and other updates! As I move further down the line of "out with the old and in with the new" some of the items will go on sale to get them moving. Stay posted for that too.


  1. I wish you the best of luck with your new plan. Sometimes we have to have a little self reflection and end up going in another direction. I've been doing that myself lately and I'm looking to see where it will take me.

    The veil is beautiful.

    1. Thank you. Good luck with your new direction as well!

  2. The new look is great! That wedding veil is amazing! It must have taken a really long time.

    1. It most certainly did! It took a couple month's of work. Next time I make one I'm going to time it just out of curiosity!

  3. It's winter here in NZ and I am so EXCITED about Norwegian socks! They sound awesome. Altho all I imagine is cabled socks...

    1. YAY for winter!!! It's almost always hot here in Alabama which gets me a lot of strange looks when I tell people that I'm a knitter LOL. Norwegian socks/stockings look a little something like this if you are interested. A lot of color work and patterns


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