Saturday, June 9, 2012

Here Comes The Bride-al Veil Line

Just over a year ago I was planing for my BIG special day. Just like every other girl, I dreamed of a day that was special and where everyone's eyes were on me. Part of having everyone's eyes on you is looking the part! As I was doing research for the perfect dress and veil I came across something I found absolutely stunning. A fellow knitter extraordinaire had hand lace knit her wedding veil. I immediately fell in love and became obsessed with having one of my own.

Although I did have the veil done in time for my wedding (which was my biggest fear) after knitting and blocking, it was a shade darker than my dress and I was unable to use it. No worries I took use of the "something borrowed" and borrowed one that a bridesmaid used in her wedding. 

This veil was dreamt up before Innov8ive Knits was born but not long after it was established, I knew that I wanted to be able to share the beauty of a hand knitted lace veil with the world. I wanted to be able to provide a special, unique part of an unforgettable day that people couldn't take their eyes off of (THE BRIDE).

With that being said I introduce the newest line of Innov8ive Knits - Hand Knit Lace Wedding Veils! This is the first veil being brought into the line of many to come. This particular one is made of a blend of merino wool and silk giving it strength, luxury, and a smidgen of shine.

One of the great things about a hand made line of veils is that now your wedding veil can be totally customizable. You want pearls along the edges? Done! You want it attached to the same hairpiece your mom wore at her wedding? Done and done! You want it down to the floor or above your waist? I can do that too! I am so proud of this line and even more excited to finally show it off to you. You can find the listing in my store HERE

This one is a little silly. We had so much fun at this shoot!


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