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Featured Etsian ~ BrooklynLoveDesigns

This month's featured Etsian is Megan from BrooklynLoveDesigns (click me). I originally found her while looking for a business card holder for my new Etsy business cards. Hers was the one I ended up purchasing after hours of looking (I bought the wallet above). I love her style and when I got it in the quality of work is incredible! I absolutely love it, and it's durable and VERY well made I would recommend anyone to purchase from her. She has plenty more in her store than business cards too if you aren't in need of one of those. She was so gracious to let me get in a little Q & A about her and her GREAT store! Here's what she had to share with me!

How long have you been sewing? I'm a self taught knitter & crocheter, are you self taught as well?
 I have been sewing about 3 years now.  I wanted to make a baby quilt for my sister's new baby so I purchased a sewing machine and a beginners quilting book and started from there.  It took a little time to learn but now i'm hooked! 
I see you live in Alaska! How did you end up in that state - born & raised, military, etc?
I am a born and raised alaskan girl and I absolutely love this place. My family still all lives around the state so it's nice being close to them.

I've noticed that a lot of your things including your banner have a fox on it. What's the story behind it?
I adore foxes, I love how they move with around with such grace and ease.  I think everyone has a fondness for foxes, they just make you smile.

What's the first thing you have ever sewn? Was it a hot mess like my first project?
LOL, yes a quilt I made for my sister's new baby.  It turned out great in the end but there was a lot of seam ripping along the way.
What has been your favorite experience as an Etsian?
Discovering all the amazing shops there are on Etsy.  I have never seen more creative and original handmade things.  I do all my gift shopping there, you can really get something unique and special.  I hope that others find that in my shop.  It is so great to be a stay at home mom and be able to make a living doing what I love.  Thank you Etsy!
When you go shopping for fabric for your store, what are you usually drawn to? style, colors, patterns, etc.
Bright happy colors and designs that are unique and fun.  I often just go there without a plan and let the fabrics inspire me.
Hand Made Key chain (click me) 

Congrats to being a new mommy! How do you juggle running a store, keeping house, and taking care of a baby?
I think im still figuring all that out... lol.. It's definitely a challenge, but I do all my sewing when he goes to bed at night so I get all day to play with him.  Balancing everything can get hectic sometimes but I am finding I can handle it all if i just plan a little.

What does your work space look like? Messy or OCD? 
I work in a extra room right now but I have plans to build a studio on our property this summer, maybe with a hammock out back? :) I am so excited to have a work space I can properly organize!
A lot of the stuff in your store is cases or holders of some type. What else do you make? 
I love to make quilts, I have plans to make Liam a new quilt out of this beautiful organic print fabric i found with sailboats, whales, and starfish. He is going to love it ! 
Pear Pincushion (click me)

What's your most popular item?
My business card holders and wallets are popular as well as all things fox. I also do alot of custom orders,  I love making personal one of a kind items for people.
What inspires you?
I'd say alot of what inspires me is right out my door.  I live in the middle of the woods so there is always a moose walking around or some other woodland animal scurrying about.  Nature is so full of colors and texture i can just go for a walk in the woods, clear my head, and get ideas for something new.

She has a ton of great things to offer from key chains to reader book covers, to wallets! Be sure to check out her whole store (click here) to see it all. Also don't forget that she takes custom orders so if there is something that you want that you don't see, she'll be happy to make it for you!!

Special thanks to BrooklynLoveDesigns for giving me the pleasure to feature & interview her!


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