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October’s Featured Etsian ~ Jamie Gillen of Paisley Maizie

I originally found Paisley Maizie (click) while curating one of my Treasury Tuesdays; this one was all about… surprise, Paisley patterns (click). I liked her story and her work so much I just HAD to have her as a feature! Ms. Jamie is a dedicated mom, nursing student, and a hell of a seamstress with a great sense of style and practicality! Here’s what she had to say in our interview!

This is Jamie! Say hello!!!
  What are you & your shop all about?
I started my shop because I had gone back to school for nursing and needed additional income and a creative outlet, I had NO idea it would get as big as it has.  My shop is my baby now and I honestly hope to keep it up far past graduation. 

·      How do you juggle both nursing school AND a store?
I have a very strict schedule about when I sew and when I study and I have to stick with it just to keep up.  I do give up a lot of personal fun time but it’s worth it!

How long have you been sewing?
I taught myself to sew about 4 weeks before my shop opened its “doors” LOL.  I bought myself a sewing machine for my birthday and taught myself via YouTube!  Luckily I picked it up super fast and LOVED it!
Reversable Chevron Camera Cover (click)

·      What has been your favorite experience as a seller?
Seeing where each of my items gets to travel.  I have shipped to every state including Hawaii and Alaska in addition to far off places like South Australia and Dubai, India.  It’s so interesting to think that things that I have made with my own hands are all over the world!

·      Most of your items are camera straps, are you a photographer?
I have a love and a passion for photography but I am not a professional photographer by any means.  I made a strap cover for myself because I hated wearing the leather one on my neck for more than 10 minutes and I was constantly losing my lens cap.  I showed it to a few friends and they all said I should sell them on Etsy so after making a few different ones for myself and feeling like I had come up with a great design I re-opened the shop and sold one the same day I opened!  When by one week I was getting several orders a day I knew I was onto something!!

Ruffled camera strap (click)

·      What would you say your style is?
Very modern and colorful, I like to have accents that pop.

·      Where did the name of your store come from?
Paisley is my favorite pattern to work with and it also happens to sound great with Maizie which is my daughter’s name.

·      What would you say is the most important/unique about your products?
My covers for both camera straps and stethoscopes are made for comfort and style.  I see a lot of other designs that aren’t padded enough or look very stiff and over padded.  I work on my designs from both angles so that it’s a great combination of comfort and style added to your item.

Padded Stethoscope Cover (click)

·      Do you have any new/exciting things coming in the near future you want to share?
I am adding new items to the shop constantly and I run coupons and giveaways from my Facebook page as often as I can!

·      Do you have any pets?
I am a HUGE animal lover and I currently have 4 cats, 2 small dogs and my daughter has a few fish!  I actually recently donated an item to an organization who helps homeless cats and was having a dinner with a silent auction. 

You can find this bangin’ awesome store:
Facebook(click) – hey the girl runs SALES here

Take a peek into Jamie's office! Here's her sewing space.

This is where all those gorgeous fabrics are cut!


  1. Amazing that Paisley picked up sewing only 4 weeks before opening her shop- WOW! Wonderful work! I'm stopping by from Blogging buddies.

    1. I know right! I was so impressed!

  2. Wow! She inspires me...I've always wanted to sew, but I've been too scared to try (tried once when I was about 6 years old and got frustrated). She taught herself (and very quickly), so she gives me hope that maybe I can try it again!
    GREAT feature. Love the shop name too. =)
    from Blogging Buddies


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